ODV-3-742400-3F1N-MN – 200HP, 240A, 380V – 480V, Three Phase

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User Manual

Model ID: ODV-3-742400-3F1N-MN
Series: Optidrive ECO

Horsepower: 200 HP

Input Voltage: 380V – 480V
Output Voltage: 380V – 480V
Phase: I: 3Ø / O: 3Ø
Output Current: 240A
Frame: Size 7
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 12 / IP55


Variable Frequency Drive for Fan & Pump Applications
Unique Eco Vector Sensorless Control
Open Loop Permanent Magnet Vector
Open Loop BLDC Vector
Open Loop Synchronous Reluctance Vector
BACnet and Modbus RTU onboard as standard
Frame size 1-5 utilize film capacitor in the DC link, providing exceptionally low harmonic current distortion without compromising efficiency
Frame size 6-8 include DC chokes and traditional electrolytic capacitors

Maximum Fan Efficiency
Accurate speed control of fans and pumps provides the most energy efficient control method
Energy optimization function minimizes energy usage in real time under partial load conditions
Sleep & wake functions ensure operation only when required
Advanced on-board features remove the need for peripheral equipment
Intelligent maintenance interval timing allows programmable maintenance reminders, avoiding costly downtime
Automatic load monitoring provides an early warning of potential faults, such as belt failures or blocked filters
Building Safety Systems: Stairwell Pressurization, Fume Extraction, Fire Override
Fire override: Mode ignores signals and alarms, keeping the drive operating for as long as possible
Energy Efficient Air Handling: Can vary the output of air conditioning system to meet the varying demands throughout the day, maximum occupancy and peak outside ambient
Belt Break Detection: Provide immediate warning of broken belt between motor and fan

Maximum Pumping Efficiency
OPTIFLOW technology allows simple operation of multiple pump sets without the need for a PLC
Pump blockage detection and cleaning dramatically reduces pump maintenance requirements
Built-in PLC function
Dry Run Protection: Drive can evaluate pump’s speed/power and shut it off or warn when the pump starts to run dry
Motor Preheat Function: insures moisture does not collect on the motor in periods of inactivity and prior to motor start up
Pump Stir Cycle: Triggered by a settable period of inactivity, a configurable cleaning cycle can be run to clear sediment
Consistent Flow: Pump operating curve detection automatically detects and monitors normal pump behavior and is able to react when pumping conditions change
Pump Prime with Burst Pipe Detection: helps to prevent the effects of water hammering
Advanced sleep & wake functions provide maximum energy savings by switching off the pump when not required
Any pump can be switched to Hand operation a the touch of a button, and will automatically rejoin the network when switched back to Auto
For waste water applications, each pump can be set for blockage/ragging detection and activate an automatic de-ragging/pump cleaning cycle

Compatible motors
Induction Motors (IM)
Permanent Magnet Motors (PM)
Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM)

Standards Compliance
Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35/EU

EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU
Additional Conformance: UL, cUL, EAC, RCM
Environmental Conditions: Designed to meet IEC 60721-3-3, in operation. IP20 Drives: 3S2/3C2. NEMA 12 & NEMA 4X Drives: 3S3/3C3

I/O Specifications
Power Supply: 24 Volt DC, 100mA, Short Circuit Protected. 10 Volt DC, 10mA for Potentiometer
Programmable Inputs: 5 Total as standard (Optional additional 3), 3 Digital (Optional additional 3), 2 Analog / Digital Selectable
Digital Inputs: Opto – Isolated, 8 – 30 Volt DC, internal or external supply Response time < 4ms
Analog Inputs: Resolution : 12 bits, Response time : < 4ms, Accuracy : <1% full scale
Parameter adjustable scaling and offset
Programmable Outputs: 2 Total, 1 Analog / Digital, 1 Relay

Relay Outputs: Maximum Voltage 250 VAC, 30 VDC. Switching Current Capacity 5A
Analog Outputs: 0 to 10 Volts / 10 to 0 Volts, 0 to 20mA / 20 to 0mA, 4 to 20mA / 20 to 4mA
Plug-in Options: Extended I/O (Additional 3 Digital Inputs, Additional Relay Output). Cascade Control: Additional 3 Relay Outputs

Input Ratings (Supply Voltage)
200 – 240 Volts ± 10%

380 – 480 Volts ± 10%
500 – 600 Volts ± 10%
Supply Frequency: 48 – 62 Hz

Output Power
230 Volt 1 Phase Input : Up to 10.5 A / 3 HP

230 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 248 A / 100 HP
400 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 450 A / 350 HP
460 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 450 A / 350 HP
575 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 150 A / 150 HP
Output Frequency: 0 – 500 Hz, 0.1 Hz resolution
Overload Capacity: 110% for 60 seconds, 165% for 4 seconds
Acceleration Time: 0.01 – 600 seconds
Deceleration Time: 0.01 – 600 seconds
PWM (Switching) Frequency: 4 – 32kHz Effective

Ambient Conditions
Storage Temperature: -40 to 60°C

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50°C
Humidity: 95% Max, non condensing
Vibration: Conforms to EN61800-5-1 2007, IEC 60068-2-6

Keypad: Built-in Keypad as standard. Optional remote mountable keypad

Display: Built-in Multi-Language TFT display (IP20 & NEMA 4X), TFT & OLED (NEMA 12)
PC: OptiTools Studio

Control Method
Eco Sensorless Vector

Open Loop Permanent Magnet Vector
Open Loop BLDC Vector
Open Loop Synchronous Reluctance Vector

Setpoint Control
Analog Signals:
0 to 10 Volts, 10 to 0 Volts, -10 to + 10 Volts, 0 to 20mA, 20 to 0mA, 4 to 20mA, 20 to 4mA
Digital: Motorized Potentiometer (Keypad), Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP

Fieldbus Connectivity
Built-in: BACnet MS/TP: BACnet Application Specific Controller 9.6 – 76.8 kbps selectable Data Format: 8N1, 8N2, 8O1, 8E1. Modbus RTU: 9.6 – 115.2 kbps selectable 8N1, 8N2, 8E1, 8O1

Optional: BACnet/IP: Plug-in BACnet/IP interface, Dual LAN ports, Device Level Ring. Other: PROFIBUS DP (DPV1), PROFINET IO, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat, Modbus TCP

Application Features
PID Control: Internal PID Controller, Multi-setpoint. Select Standby / Sleep Mode, Boost Function

Fire Mode: Bidirectional, Selectable Speed Setpoint (Fixed / PID / Analog / Fieldbus)
Load Monitoring: High Current Protection (Fan / Bump Blocked), Low Current Protection (Broken Belt / Shaft), Pump Blockage Detection with Cleaning
Duty / Assist / Standby: Built-in Multi-Pump Support, Automatic Changeover on Fault, Automatic Changeover on Time, Fully Redundant

Pump Control Features
Pump Blockage Detection: Pump load monitoring with autotune function, user configurable
Pump Cleaning: Adjustable Bi-directional Pump Cleaning Cycle operation
Multi-Pump Control: Control of fixed speed assist pumps (with cascade control module), Control of Duty, Assist and Standby variable speed pumps via internal Master – Slave network
Pump Stir: Automatic pump stir to prevent sediment build-up

Maintenance & Diagnostics
Fault Memory: Last 4 Trips stored with time stamp
Data Logging: Logging of data prior to trip for diagnostic purposes (Output Current, Drive Temperature, DC Bus Voltage)
Maintenance Indicator: Maintenance Indicator with user adjustable maintenance interval, Onboard service life monitoring
Monitoring: Hours Run Meter, Resettable & Non-Resettable kWh meters, Cooling Fan Run Time

Hand / Auto
Allows manual control to easily be selected, Fast temporary override

Drive Controlled Bypass
Can operate as a bypass controller when installed as part of a bypass circuit
Activation of Bypass mode can be determined intelligently by the drive

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Weight 197 lbs


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Optidrive ECO


ODV-3-742400-3F1N-TN ("TN" included OLED display, "MN" includes TFT display)