ODP-2-84400-3HF42-MN – 400HP, 480A, 380V – 480V, Three Phase

$ 19,200.00

User Manual

Model ID: ODP-2-84400-3HF42-MN
Series: Optidrive P2

Horsepower: 400 HP

Input Voltage: 380V – 480V
Output Voltage: 380V – 480V
Phase: I: 3Ø / O: 3Ø
Output Current: 480A
Frame: Size 8
Enclosure Rating: IP20 (panel mount)


High Performance, Sensorless Vector Control
Up to 200% torque from zero speed, 150% overload for 60 seconds
Built-in EMC Filter
Integral Brake Transistor
Safe Torque Off function for machine critical safety circuits
Extensive I/O and communications interface capabilities
CAN and Modbus RTU communication built-in as standard
Open Loop Vector control provides optimum control of the output torque level
Better than 0.5% speed holding accuracy in Open Loop Vector Operation
PID Closed Loop Tension Control with feedback from a load cell or dancer arm
Encoder feedback option allows for a very wide speed range, even down to zero speed
Multiple Preset Speed or Variable Speed operation
Dedicated Hoist Mode Operation with motor holding brake control algorithm
PM Motor control mode allows open loop operation with Permanent Magnet motors

Compatible motors
Induction Motors (IM)
Permanent Magnet Motors (PM)
Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM)

Standards Compliance
Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35/EU

EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU
Additional Conformance: UL, cUL, EAC, RCM
Marine Certification: DNV Type Approval
Environmental Conditions: Designed to meet IEC 60721-3-3, in operation. IP20 Drives: 3S2/3C2. NEMA 12 & NEMA 4X Drives: 3S3/3C3

Industrial: Fans, Pumps, Conveyors, Cranes, Air Compressors

Marine: Bow Thrusters, Elevators, Winches, Pumps, Hoist
Mining & Quarrying: Feed Conveyers, Crushers, Cranes
Metals & Processing: Grinding, Cutting, Polishing, Drilling, Rolling
Rubber & Plastics: Extruders, Moulding, Mixers, Winding

I/O Specifications
Power Supply: 24 Volt DC, 100mA, Short Circuit Protected. 10 Volt DC, 10mA for Potentiometer

Programmable Inputs: 5 Total as standard (Optional additional 3), 3 Digital (Optional additional 3), 2 Analog / Digital Selectable
Digital Inputs: 8 – 30 Volt DC, internal or external supply. Response time < 4ms
Analog Inputs: Resolution : 12 bits, Response time : < 4ms, Accuracy : <1% full scale
Parameter adjustable scaling and offset
Programmable Outputs:
4 Total (Optional 3 Extra), 2 Analog / Digital, 2 Relays (Optional 3 Extra)
Relay Outputs: Maximum Voltage 250 VAC, 30 VDC. Switching Current Capacity 6A AC, 5A DC
Analog Outputs: 0 to 10 Volt, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA

Input Ratings (Supply Voltage)
200 – 240 Volts ± 10%

380 – 480 Volts ± 10%
500 – 600 Volts ± 10%
Supply Frequency: 48 – 62 Hz

Output Power
230 Volt 1 Phase Input : Up to 10.5 A / 3 HP

230 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 248 A / 100 HP
400 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 450 A / 350 HP
460 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 450 A / 350 HP
575 Volt 3 Phase Input : Up to 150 A / 150 HP
Output Frequency: 0 – 500 Hz, 0.1 Hz resolution
Overload Capacity: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 4 seconds
Acceleration Time: 0.01 – 600 seconds
Deceleration Time: 0.01 – 600 seconds
PWM (Switching) Frequency: 4 – 32kHz Effective

Ambient Conditions
Storage Temperature: -40 to 60°C

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50°C
Humidity: 95% Max, non condensing

Keypad: Built-in Keypad as standard. Optional remote mountable keypad

Display: Built-in multi language TFT display (IP20 & NEMA 4X), OLED (NEMA 12)
PC: OptiTools Studio

Control Method
V/F Control

Energy Optimized V/F
3GV Sensorless Vector Speed Control
3GV Sensorless Vector Torque Control
Closed Loop (Encoder) Speed Control
Closed Loop (Encoder) Torque Control
PM Vector Control
BLDC Control
Synchronous Reluctance Motor Control

Setpoint Control
Analog Signals:
0 to 10 Volts, 10 to 0 Volts, -10 to + 10 Volts, 0 to 20mA, 20 to 0mA, 4 to 20mA, 20 to 4mA
Digital: Motorized Potentiometer (Keypad), Modbus RTU, CANopen

Fieldbus Connectivity
Built-in: CANopen: 125 – 1000kbps. Modbus RTU: 9.6 – 115.2 kbps selectable 8N1, 8N2, 8E1, 8O1

Optional: PROFIBUS DP (DPV1), PROFINET IO, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat, Modbus TCP

Simple PLC Functionality
All blocks can be easily combined to create flexible programs

Programs can be protected to prevent unauthorized copying
Complete control over the drive including all inputs and outputs

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Weight 364 lbs


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