Our Mission

VFDexchange.com is a team of traders with expertise in areas of manufacturing, supply chain management and the distribution of variable frequency drives (VFDs). Other common names for VFDs include variable speed drive (VSD), adjustable speed drive (ASD), variable voltage/variable frequency drive (VVVF), AC drive, and inverter drive. Our catalog only includes brand-new, never used VFDs for industrial manufacturing, HVAC, plumbing, cranes & hoists, marine and more. Our mission is to be a reliable supply of quality VFDs for our customers at a competitive price. We have established relationships with vendors around the world so we can be a consistent source of high grade VFDs.

VFD Manufactures

Invertek Optidrive E2 : Part 1 – Installation

Invertek Optidrive E2 : Part 2 – 14 Basic Parameter Settings

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