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The VFD Exchange has experience supplying VFDs for distribution, OEMs, and end users. Applications include industrial manufacturing, pump control, HVAC services, conveyors, marine, crane & hoist, medical equipment applications, and more. Our focus is selling surplus, brand-new VFDs for a discounted price. We distribute throughout the USA and Canada. Almost all orders can be fulfilled with Next Day Delivery!

The VFD Exchange currently has a large stock of VFDs manufactured by Invertek Drives Ltd in the UK. Invertek Drives are trusted and sold in over 80 countries. VFDs manufactured by Invertek Drives have energy saving application for a wide range of industries. Invertek Drives meet many international standards including UL, CE, CSA, ETL, TUV, and CTick. Our technical specialists can help you find the right VFD for your application.

Invertek Drives are easy to use, right out the box. The firmware was designed to streamline the installation and service of the drive. The drives are all programmed with 14 Basic Parameters that you can adjust to handle most applications. Furthermore, the VFDs can be customized and programmed with immense sophistication to address a diverse range of application. Our technical support team will help you with any questions that you have about our VFDs. Enclosures for the VFDs are rated IP20, IP55 / NEMA 12, and IP66 / NEMA 4X.

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